Cover Letter For Fax Attention

First of all, before we address how create cover fax sheets, what is a cover sheet? Should you even have a fax cover sheet?

What are Cover Fax Sheets?

Cover fax sheets are sheets that are faxed through to your recipient before any actual fax message. Also referred to as fax cover pages and fax title pages, cover fax sheets are optional in fax marketing. Their intended purpose is to identify the sender and provide some contact information, as well as to state the intended recipient and their information.

Most fax cover sheets are fairly plain and straightforward, but some do feature design elements or additional information.

Should I Include a Fax Cover Page?

There are differing opinions on whether or not cover sheets should accompany fax messages. Some businesses feel that it is wasteful and does not provide definite value, since fax messages come with identification anyway.

Some businesses view it as a best practice to include a cover sheet with all their fax messages, in order to provide immediate identification and to include their recognizable branding on the cover sheet. Some businesses also feel that by including the recipient's name and relevant information right up front, it will make it less likely that the fax will be handled and read by others.

Whether or not you include a cover sheet, in the end, is up to you. Try sending with and without a cover sheet and see what works best for your business. What do your customers prefer?

So How Do I Make a Fax Cover Sheet?

If you have decided to include a cover sheet before your fax message, it's pretty simple to create. There are many templates online which you can use, or you can create your own with simple fax marketing software.

You should include your name, your fax number and your regular phone number. You should add the same information for your recipient. It is also common to put the date and the number of pages of the fax transmission. Most businesses also specify if the fax is urgent and if they expect a reply. You can also include your logo and/or company tag line.

That's it! Now you know how to create a standard fax cover sheet. Why not sign up for a free SimplyCast account and try our fax marketing solution?

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