Georgetown Law Career Services Cover Letter

There are several essential components to a successful job search: submitting well written, compelling and error-free job applications, maximizing one's personal network, thoroughly preparing for interviews, participating in Georgetown-sponsored recruiting events, and actively conducting market research through external job databases and employer directories.

Getting Started
Guidance on the timing of a first year summer internship job search, and how to start your search. 

Cover Letters & Resumes
Guidelines, tips, and examples of public and private sector cover letters and resumes.

Writing Samples, Transcripts, References and Thank You Notes
How to select a writing sample, obtain your transcript, list references and draft an appropriate thank you note.

Key Databases and Resources
A recommended list of some of the most widely used online job listings and job-related websites.

Recruitment Programs and Networking Events
An overview of all on- and off-campus recruitment programs and networking events for Georgetown Law students.

NALP Timing Guidelines
The NALP guidelines for students and employers regarding the timing of 2L and post-graduate job offers and acceptances.

Networking and Relationship Building
Advice on how to network and conducting an informational interview. Includes networking resources.

How to prepare for and present yourself in an interview. Includes sample questions and general interview protocols.

Social Media Tips
Tips on maintaining a positive social media presence and leveraging social media in your job search.

Judicial Clerkships and Internships
Learn more about opportunities during and after law school with the judiciary, including how to navigate the clerkship application process.

Webcast and Video Library
Webcasts of (and PowerPoint slides from) our recorded programs.

JD Alumni Advising

Are you a Georgetown University Law Center graduate who is:

  • thinking about a job or career change?
  • planning to move to a different part of the country or abroad?
  • dealing with a merger or downsizing?
  • hoping to negotiate a salary increase?
  • interested in talking to a career advisor?

We invite all JD Law Center alumni/ae who anticipate a career change to make an appointment with Marilyn Tucker, Director of Alumni Career Services. Confidential appointments are held in the Office of Career Strategy for those in the Greater Washington metropolitan area, or by telephone for those outside our area. Marilyn will work with you to define your goals, develop your job search strategy, research potential employers, and find the job you want. An individual career consultation also offers you the opportunity to receive resume and cover letter critiques, find out how to develop interview strategies, and learn networking techniques.

Contact the Office of Career Strategy at (202) 662-9300 to schedule an appointment, then fax your resume to Marilyn Tucker at (202) 662-9313 or email it to

Recent JD Alumni Advising

Recent JD graduates (who have graduated in the past three years) are invited to schedule an appointment with Amy Killoran, Associate Director for Recent Graduates. The Class of 2016 JD graduates are also eligible to participate in the Georgetown Law Entry Into Practice (EIP) Program, which is designed to help new graduates who have not yet found employment.  Other opportunities for recent alumni include fellowships in both the private sector and with public interest organizations.

Georgetown Law Job Postings and Web Resources

Jobs postings for Georgetown Law students and alumni (JD and LLM) are available through Symplicity. The postings include many listings directed toward experienced attorneys, in both the public and private sectors. We also have a wealth of information on our web site to help guide you through the job search process and to provide you with information on many of the career paths available to you. 

If you are a graduate of the Law Center, you can obtain access to restricted Law Center web resources by applying for a username and password.  To request access, please email Please note that it may take several business days to verify your alumni status. We will grant access as soon as possible.

Alumni Resume & Cover Letter Resources (Unrestricted)
Other Alumni Resources (Password may be required)

Reciprocity for JD Graduates

NALP member law schools support a policy of providing job search assistance to students and graduates of other schools through reciprocity. This allows law schools to provide reasonable access to their career resources for law students and graduates from other law schools that agree to provide similar services. Learn more about reciprocity and the process for Georgetown Law JD graduates to request access here.   

Volunteer to Help Georgetown Law Students

Alumni volunteers partner with the Office of Career Strategy and OPICS  in a variety of capacities, such as participating in networking events or informational programs, or by connecting with our students to provide advice regarding different career paths and legal specialties.

If you are interested in volunteering in any other capacity, please send an e-mail to or, and please include a short description of how you are willing to help.  

Local and Specialized Bar Associations

Are you a member of a local or specialized bar association in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area? The Office of Career Strategy is looking to expand its relationships with bar associations in the DC area, and would welcome your assistance. If you are active with a bar or have contacts you are willing to introduce to the office, please contact Amy Jones Mattock at

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