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Make your life easier with this set that is adaptable to all levels of production and does double duty as therapy activities and homework! This NO PREP, PRINT & GO set of 'R' worksheets, activities and puzzles can be used in therapy and will also make homework fun! There are 26 different activities for varied levels to practice listening and saying the initial 'R' sound and another set for the final 'R' sound. Parent letters and directions are included, too. Don't need homework?
No worries- you can use these worksheets in therapy, too! The leaf and school themes will let you use these all fall!

Activities include:
* Building skills from listening to words and sentences
* Some worksheets with pictures
* Some worksheets with words
* Fall leaves themed coloring pages
* worksheets to get multiple repetitions of the word
* varied activities: mazes, a mystery coloring sheet, cut and glue beginning, middle or end sounds, puzzle pieces worksheets and game boards

Included are:
* a parent intro letter
* a general word game page for parents
* 6 different 'listen for the 'R' sound and color' worksheets that are great to send home while you are working on achieving tongue placement
* 7 different activities for saying 'R' sounds- you check off whether it is in words, a carrier phrase, or sentences

Be sure to check the preview to see if this is right for you! Still not sure? Just ask a question at my store and I'll be happy to help! Thanks for stopping by! Linda@Looks-Like-Language

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